The adventages of ceramic coverings

of Villeroy & Boch

Tiles don’t burn

Falling cigarette ash that causes lasting damage to some floor coverings does not leave a trace on a ceramic tile.

Tiles are anti-static

Unlike many other coverings, they do not become electrically charged when walking over them or as a result of friction. So you won’t feel a little unpleasant spark when you touch the tap. Apart from the hygiene advantages, the anti-static property is one reason why special, electrically conductive tiles are used in operating theatres.

Tiles are not harmful to health

The surface of ceramic tiles, whether glazed or unglazed, is very dense. Microbes, mites and other microorganisms that cause a large number of allergies don’t stand a chance when ceramic is cleaned in the normal way. Tiles are thus medically recommended.

Tiles are hygienic and easy to clean

This is not the only reason why tiles are environmentally friendly. They can also be disposed of as building waste. The natural components of tiles occur naturally in unlimited quantities.

Their great durability is also part of their environmental compatibility. When cared for in the proper way and laid professionally, tiles continue to look terrific for years.

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Tiles are colour- and lightfast

Once you know how crucial colours are to the harmony of a room, this becomes a key factor when choosing a ceramic covering.

Tiles are robust

This is a tremendous advantage when used on floors in particular.

Tiles are largely unsusceptible to staining

Glazed tiles are not even phased by a spilt glass of red wine – the dread of many a home owner. All you need do is wipe it away with a damp cloth. Unglazed vilbostone porcelain stoneware tiles areoften factory-finished with vilbostoneplus; this makes them resistant to most standard domestic staining agents.

Tiles are largely scratch- and crack-resistant
With the harder vitreous tiles in particular, you have to drop something really heavy if you want to scratch the tile. High heels are far less terrifying on glazed-tile floor coverings. They withstand high pressure. The floor tile glazes are so hard that even a stiletto heel can’tharm them.

Frost-resistant vilbostone tiles are the ideal floor covering for balconies and terraces. When laid professionally they remain weather resistant. Glazed tiles laid outdoors should be slip-resistant in
order to prevent the risk of injury when it’s wet and icy

Due to the larger number of joints, small-format tiles have slip-resistant properties. To optimise the effectiveness of floor heating, there’s hardly anything better than a tiled floor covering since tiles offer good thermal conductivity.

Many of the properties named mean that tiles are
also a very attractive wall and floor covering from both an ecological and economic perspective.
Thanks to their durability in particular, what initially appears to be a costly investment soon
starts to pay off.