Coloured tiles

Colourful can be this beautiful – Expressive, colourful tiles in kitchens and bathrooms

It does not matter whether it is strong or discreet, used over large areas or simply to create individual accents – a room is characterised by colour. It is one of the most important design elements in the world of interior design. Whereas there has been somewhat of a preference for gentle colours recently, strong colours are making a comeback – and not just in living rooms, but in kitchens and bathrooms as well.

The CENTURY UNLIMITED collection includes expressive colours and varied décors that offer myriad combination possibilities, such as for a cosy modern country kitchen rich in light wood and with colour accents in Cotto, Creme and Indigo.

Or for a kitchen in the popular urban style with clear lines, sleek fronts and gentle shades of grey. An original patchwork ‘carpet of tiles’ lends the floor a confident burst of colour and offers excellent potential as an eye-catcher.


The CENTURY UNLIMITED Wall décor tiles in a multi-colour look create discreet, attractive highlights in a light bathroom. Like a random mosaic, the broad border in warm beige-brown-cotto tones breaks up the subtle colour scheme and harmoniously invigorates it.

The new CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 colour concept and its well thought-out colour matrix, which was developed with the colour philosophy of popular modern furnishing worlds in mind, is ideal for creating a strikingly trendy look. When used as horizontal tiling, the modern rectangular format gives the room a generous sense of space and width.

When bedroom and bathroom areas are open and overlapping, the colour concept should be harmoniously coordinated with the overall design. Thanks to its elegant combinations of White, Black and expressive Violet, CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 creates an individual style statement.

Areas of colour and graphic patterns lend the bathroom particular aesthetic appeal while visually integrating it into the functional zones. The perfect choice for this: CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 with thin rectangular tiles in a total of 30 colours that can be laid as colour fields, stripes, rows, brickwork effects or all-encompassing colourful mixes.

The expressive décor tiles from the PAPER MOODS range in warm red coral have been given a high-quality multi-colour glass overlay that lends the ceramic a powerful emotional impact. The organic appeal of the abstract undulating pattern is shown to best advantage when utilised over a large area.

With warm colours, such as a burnt orange, the on-trend PLAY IT! nonvitreous concept makes it possible to create imaginative wall designs that are wonderfully homely. The special feature: the tiled bath conveys the coloured wall into the room, lending it a new dimension.

A modern interpretation of traditional elements and classic French style: the CHÉRIE wall concept transports nostalgia into a modern stylistic context. The décor tiles in an arabesque design in blue-green Seladon lend a touch of irresistible flair to the atmosphere of the room