JetPaks – customised massage sessions

JetPaks – customised massage sessions

These hot tubs give you the freedom of combining your preferred jets with your favourite seat. You can choose between 16 different JetPaks and place them at every seat in no time at all – for a wellness experience that is exactly tailored to the respective needs. Thanks to this patented JetPak technology, you can upgrade the hot tub at any time to include the JetPaks with the latest jet technology. What other hot tubs can be so easily adapted to meet the individual wellness needs and preferences of their users?

What is a JetPak?

JetPaks are removable massage units that can be positioned as desired, making them perfect for any kind of massage. As these elements can be configured individually, you can combine your preferred jets with your favourite seat, tailored to your needs. The jets are organised in JetPaks, which minimises the amount of piping inside the hot tub and, in turn, makes it less susceptible to errors. This also significantly reduces energy costs while improving performance compared to conventional hot tubs.

JetPack Technology

Wellness Flow Therapy

Ranging from a light and gentle massage to a powerful and deep-working kneading action, Wellness Flow Therapy relaxes both body and spirit. The stresses and strains of the day evaporate leaving you feeling relaxed and calm. Optimising the position of the neck jets is only a small change to the JetPaks but it has a big effect. Thanks to the exact arrangement of the JetPaks above the shoulders for this kind of massage, they have a healing effect.

Wellness Flow Therapy Villeroy & Boch
JetPaks: Oscillator

Ultimate kneading massage. Uniform kneading massage akin to a personal masseur that kneads all the important areas of your back.

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JetPaks: Fibro Therapy
Fibro Therapy

Reduces pain and promotes health. A unique kneading principle eases the lower back whilst, at the same time, a deep, continuous massage at thoracic vertebrae level ensures relaxation.

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JetPaks: Neck Massage
Neck Massage

Targeted therapy for the neck. The special neck and shoulder jets create a powerful massage. They penetrate deep into the tissue in order to alleviate tension and release new energy – especially beneficial after a long day in the office or at the computer.

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JetPaks: Wellness

Health and wellness go hand in hand. This combination of different types of jet is extremely popular in order to create a massage experience that is suitable for everyone wanting to boost their general well-being.

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Designed as a gentle four-point massage, this combination of jets targets your neck and shoulders with a soothing jet of water.




Maximum relaxation. The deep massage for the lower back – combined with a gentle kneading of the shoulder area – relaxes both body and spirit.

Sport Flow Therapy

Depending on the arrangement, combination and intensity of the rotating, pulsating, massaging and kneading jets, the muscles are strengthened or muscular tension released. This is achieved precisely where it’s needed most: at the back of the neck, in the shoulders, the upper or middle back, or in the lumbar region.

Sport Flow Therapy Villeroy & Boch
JetPaks: Pulsator

A gentle, pulsating massage. Six rotating and pulsating jets create a pleasant massage experience, helping you to relax.

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JetPaks: Deeprelief
Deep Relief

Deep pain relief. Powerful, deep massage, providing relief even for deep-seated muscular tension.


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JetPaks: Neckblaster
Neck Blaster

Maximum relaxation. Deep massage that helps to release tension in the neck and shoulders – particularly after spending a long time sitting in the office and at the computer.

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JetPaks: Alleviate

Carefully adjusted therapy. Eight targeted therapy jets, each designed to address different massage points and muscle regions in the body.

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JetPaks: Gyro´ssage

A gentle, soothing feeling. Five rotating, single-pulse jets offer a rhythmical, kneading massage for the whole back, so you can float away into a calm, meditative state.

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JetPaks: Acutherapy

Targeted relaxation. Jets massage deep tissue in order to release tension, whilst others apply a gentle pressure in order to relax the shoulders and middle back.

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Relax Flow Therapy

Enjoy the moment, experience the comforting warmth of your hot tub, the gentle tingling of an invigorating massage – with Relax Flow Therapy, mental stress simply washes away. Innovative JetPak technology paves the way for further comfort: the two-stage pumps can be switched from a power massage to a gentle relaxing massage at the push of a button. Further fine adjustments can be made on every JetPak.

Relax Flow Therapy Villeroy & Boch
JetPaks: Rainshower
Rain Shower

The tingle factor. A beneficial and gentle massage reduces mental stress and is also good for your skin. These shower jets are only available in the JetPaks for Villeroy&Boch hot tubs.

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JetPaks: Lumbar

Targeted therapy for the lower back. Special pressure points in the lower back are given a deep hydromassage. This part of the back is used when lifting objects, when running and walking.

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JetPaks: Spinal´ssage

Simply relaxed. The two rotating and pulsating jets relax the central back in particular – a simple yet highly effective massage.

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JetPaks: Spinal Health
Spinal Health

Powerful therapy for the back muscles. Both relaxing and invigorating at the same time, the massage of the muscles along the spine offers deep relaxation.

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