Pre-purchase considerations

Your home probably has several spots where you could place your hot tub. Take the time to read the information presented in this section to help you choose the site that works best for you. It is your responsibility to choose and prepare the site properly before delivery, so you can experience a smooth and efficient delivery as well as maximum hot tub performance to enjoy your hot tub to the full.

Choice of location

The direction your hot tub will be facing will contribute to your overall bathing experience. Choose the spot for your hot tub that will provide the best view on your property. Consider your lifestyle and where you want to enjoy your hot tub and place it accordingly. If you prefer more privacy and would like to install your hot tub in an enclosed space, bear in mind that hot tubs create high levels of humidity. If your hot tub is in the open air, then it would be very practical to have some kind of changing room near the hot tub. But if you live in a region with extreme winters, it would also be convenient to place your hot tub near an entrance to your house.

You do not need a direct water inlet and outlet connection where the hot tub is located. However, a water tap connection should be nearby so you can fill the pool easily. A garden hose is also required to drain the hot tub water. Because of the water treatment products used, it makes sense to direct it to one outlet. However, a power connection is needed to operate the hot tub and should be installed by a professional electrician. Ask your specialist dealer where the cable inlets are located in order to determine the best position for the electric cable.

Service access

You can choose to fit tile, stone or wood panelling around your hot tub. If you are installing custom panelling, remember to allow access for servicing. Should your hot tub need to be repaired, a technician may have to remove the equipment compartment door or side panels or gain access to the hot tub from underneath. Therefore, it is always best to fit special devices that allow the hot tub to be moved or lifted.


To prepare for the delivery of your hot tub, make sure the delivery path is clear and without any obstructions. Obstructions such as hanging branches, sun blinds, protruding gas meters, water meters and junction boxes could make access more difficult. You might have to remove gates, part of the garden fence or other objects to place your hot tub where you want it. If there are any stairs with more than six consecutive steps without a half landing on the delivery path, you might have to find a different one. Check the measurements of 90° curves to ensure that the hot tub will fit through. Occasionally a crane is required to install the hot tub by lifting it to its final destination.


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