Installation and care
Properly maintaining your spa water is very important to ensure enjoyment in using your spa and to  maximize spa shell and equipment life. Maintaining your spa water chemistry will require regular  attention to prevent poor water quality, potential unhealthy conditions, and possible damage to your spa.

Starting the Spa with new water

An empty spa (spa without water in it) must not be left exposed to sunlight as shell damage may occur. Once the spa is unwrapped, fill spa with water immediately or shade the spa with cover or wrapping to  prevent direct exposure to sunlight. Do not turn power on to the spa without water in the spa. Serious damage to the pump and heater may occur. Never fill the spa with soft water unless an appropriate mineral supplement is immediately added (see your authorized Villeroy & Boch Dealer). If your water is extremely hard, it is preferable to either dilute the water’s hardness by blending the water with water  from a water softener, or by the addition of a special water softening chemical (see your authorized Villeroy & Boch Dealer).

Changing spa water

As you use your spa, soap and detergent residues from your skin and bathing suits, along with other  substances from maintaining the spa’s water chemistry will accumulate in the spa water and make  maintaining the water more difficult. Rinsing your bathing suits and showering without soap prior to  entering your spa will increase the life of your spa water. Depending upon usage, the spa water will need to be changed every 1-4 months or when the water chemical levels become difficult to manage. When changing spa water, remove all JetPaks®. Clean the shell and JetPak™ areas with a spa surface cleaner. Clean the other areas of the spa, including JetPaks, with a spa surface cleaner as necessary.

General Cleaning

For normal cleaning, use a mild dishwashing soap, window cleaner, or other products recommended by  your local authorized Villeroy & Boch Dealer. For stubborn stains, use a mild acrylic cleaner or a mild  detergent. To apply these cleaners, use a soft, damp cloth or sponge. Rinse well and dry with a clean  cloth. To clean hard water stains, remove light scratches and protect your spa shell, contact your authorized Villeroy & Boch Dealer. Learn more

Spa De-Winterization

To de-winterize the spa, reverse the winterization procedure. Make sure all fittings are tight before refilling spa to the water level mark. Prior to winterizing your spa, it will be necessary to Super Sanitize the spa water as per the instructions in the Water Chemistry section. This procedure will help prevent the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi in any areas of plumbing that may not be fully free of water after you drain your spa for its period of winterization.