For approximately 4 jars (containing about 200ml)

• 300 g ripe figs
• 450 g pears
• 100 ml red port wine
• 50 ml lemon juice
• 375 g preserving sugar (3:1)
• 3-4 star anise 

Fig and pear marmelade


1. Wash the figs and pears, remove stems and seeds. Finally, dice figs and pears and set aside 1/3 of the cubes.

2. Bring remaining fruit, wine, lemon juice, preserving sugar, and star anise to a boil. When mixture bubbles, allow to simmer for approximately 7 minutes. Add remaining fruit and allow to simmer another 2 minutes. (Test for set.)

3. Immediately pour into clean twist-off jars and close immediately. Let jars sit on their lids for approximately 5 minutes, then turn over and allow to cool.