Tips: How to clean your bathroom quickly and efficiently!

Cleaning the bathroom with Villeroy & Boch

Pristine surfaces, dazzling tiles and pleasant fresh air: A clean bathroom promises absolute well-being. Regular cleaning is not just important for personal comfort and a tidy appearance. Thorough cleaning of the bathroom is essential for hygiene too. But don’t worry: It won’t take long to make your bathroom gleam. Follow these tips to clean your bathroom quickly, efficiently and easily.

Cleaning the bathroom: Step by step

Would you like to quickly clean your bathroom and make it gleam? You don’t need to spend hours scrubbing to make your bathroom feel pleasant and clean. If you clean the bathroom regularly and use a structured approach, it should only take you around 15 minutes. But what is the best way to clean the bathroom? Simply follow these six steps to thoroughly clean your bathroom:

Clean the mirror and washbasin: Close the plughole and fill the washbasin with warm water. This will help to soften any stains. Leave the water in the basin and turn your attention to the bathroom mirror: Spray a little glass cleaner over the mirror and wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth. Instead of glass cleaner, you can also use a gentle washing-up liquid and water or diluted vinegar. Empty the washbasin. Clean the basin and tap with a cloth and diluted vinegar. Don’t forget to clean the soap dispenser and any decorations too. To finish, wipe with clean water. You should clean your mirror and washbasin at least once a week, ideally two or three times a week.

Clean the shower or bath: Diluted vinegar and baking powder can be used to quickly remove stains and limescale in the shower and bath. Vinegar and baking powder also help to clean the drain before it becomes blocked. To stop the shower and bath becoming dirty in the first place, always rinse with clean water after use. Then use a squeegee to wipe off water or rub the bath and tiles dry with a towel. A strainer in the drain prevents annoying blockages.

Cleaning the bathroom with Villeroy & Boch
Cleaning the bathroom with Villeroy & Boch

Cleaning the toilet: Unsavoury urine scale can be removed using vinegar and citric acid. Clean and disinfect all sides of the toilet seat and lid. To clean the bowl, squirt some toilet cleaner under the rim and scrub with a toilet brush. Leave it to work and then flush off with clean water. Cleaning two to three times a week is essential for toilet hygiene.

Cleaning tiles and floors: Tiles on walls and on the floor are often overlooked but are nevertheless essential for overall cleanliness. Wipe surfaces with a gentle cleaner. Avoid any scouring agents or abrasive sponges. Limescale or minor mould in joints can be removed using diluted baking powder or citric acid and an old toothbrush. Be careful when using acid, however, as it can run into joints and attack them.

Tidy the washbasin area and shelves: Shelves in bathroom cabinets and the washbasin area should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth. Tidy cabinets and drawers will allow you to do this even faster. Regularly dispose of empty or unused cosmetic products and don’t allow items to accumulate. Remember to clean handles and the outside surfaces of cabinets regularly.

Ventilation: Ventilate the bathroom thoroughly every day, in particular after showering or bathing, to prevent mould and let fresh air in. Natron neutralises unpleasant odours.

Cleaning product checklist

Proper preparation and the right tools are essential for efficient and thorough cleaning of the bathroom. We recommend a special cleaning cupboard or a well-equipped cleaning box in which everything is in its proper place. Make sure you have the following cleaning products:

  • Soft microfibre cloths
  • Sponges
  • Brush
  • Joint brush
  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet rim brush
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Gentle all-purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Vinegar essence
  • Citric acid
  • Natron
  • Disinfectant
  • Squeegee
  • Kitchen paper
Cleaning the bathroom with Villeroy & Boch

7 common mistakes when cleaning the bathroom

Attention to detail is vital when cleaning the bathroom. Seven common mistakes to avoid:

Cleaning the bathroom with Villeroy & Boch

  1. Not leaving a product to work for long enough: Many cleaning products are surface-active if they are left for long enough to work. This avoids arduous scrubbing and protects surfaces. Gentle, environmentally friendly products in particular need a little longer to work. Ideally, you should leave them for a few hours or even overnight.

  2. Incorrect wiping: An incorrect wiping technique simply redistributes dirt. Always wipe in an S shape rather than a circle. This will avoid wiping dirt from areas that have not yet been cleaned onto clean areas.

  3. Don’t forget handles and light switches: When cleaning the bathroom, many people overlook the areas that we touch most often with our fingers: handles, light switches and toilet flush. Germs can accumulate very quickly here.

  4. Missing the back and external surfaces of the toilet: Splashes of urine can spread bacteria over the entire toilet. So it’s important to thoroughly clean and disinfect the back of the toilet and the external surfaces of the bowl.

  5. Overlooking hygiene in the cleaning box: Make sure buckets, cloths and sponges are rinsed regularly, disinfected and replaced as required. Never use cleaning cloths and sponges for the toilet and floor on other areas.

  6. Leaving the toilet lid open: Leaving the toilet lid open is not just frowned upon, it is also unhygienic. This makes it easier for bacteria from the toilet bowl to spread in the bathroom.

  7. Forgetting textiles: If you use textiles such as bath mats or a shower curtain in the bathroom, wash them regularly at 60 degrees.

If you avoid these mistakes and consistently follow the six steps described, cleaning the bathroom will soon be a quick routine task - and your bathroom will be a haven of well-being.


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