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Treat quality with care.

A clean and well-maintained bathroom is a pleasure to behold. However, to keep it looking like new for as long as possible, appropriate care is required. Villeroy & Boch bathroom collections are designed to make life easier in this respect.

You can find lots of information here to help you look after ceramics, taps and fittings, furniture, glass and mirrors, as well as acrylic and Quaryl materials. Simply select a category to find out more.

Tips and tricks

How to clean
a blocked toilet

Subway 2.0 Toilette von Villeroy & Boch

Food waste, sanitary products or even just too much toilet paper can block a toilet. To get the water flowing again, you need to clear the blockage or call a plumber in to do it for you. With our tips you can learn which simple household items can clear blockages and how to quickly get your toilet back in working order.

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Maintaining and descaling your shower head

Domicil Duschkopf von Villeroy & Boch

Do you live in a hard water region? Then you’re probably familiar with the problem of your shower head getting increasingly blocked up over time due to limescale. The main reason for this is the undissolved calcium and magnesium ions in the water that form limescale and insoluble limescale deposits over time.

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What should I do
if my tap is dripping?

Cult Armatur von Villeroy & Boch

dripping tap is always an unwelcome occurrence. The annoying noise can quickly become considerably disruptive. Even if the tap only sends one drop of water down the plughole at a time, across an entire day this can easily add up to 5 litres or more of unnecessary additional water consumption.

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