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Bath Wall-facing

Oberon 2.0

Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
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Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths
Oberon 2.0 Bath, Baths, Back-to-wall baths

Bath Wall-facing

Oberon 2.0

1800 x 800 mm Wall-facing UBQ180OBR9CDBCV

Colour: White Alpin
White Alpin
White Alpin


Star White
Star White
Star White


Stone White
Stone White
Stone White



  • Bath with a delicate design, small radii and narrow edges
  • Special bathtubs – a sophisticated solution for smaller spaces
  • Freestanding or drop-in double bathtub with a waste outlet centrally positioned on the floor surface
  • Made from very impact-resistant, shock-resistant and scratchproof Quaryl®
  • The optional dual-colour look expresses a feel for style and design
  • Optional integrated water supply and overflow unit
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Product description

Oberon 2.0 from Villeroy & Boch


Oberon 2.0 – The evolution of perfect design

The Oberon 2.0 baths from Villeroy & Boch feature a straight, delicate design. Round edges and soft lines bring exceptional lightness to the bathroom. Made from the high-quality Quaryl® material, the Oberon 2.0 baths are also very robust.

  • Outer walls only 10 mm thin yet very robust thanks to precise workmanship
  • Available as a space-saving back-to-wall bath and built-in bath in two sizes
  • The flush-fit outlet fitting with a push-to-open valve is a design highlight
  • Optional gentle waterfall inlet feature via the retractable logo element on the overflow
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Loop & Friends from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Loop & Friends

Product type

Special baths: Create more space in your bathroom

Villeroy & Boch offers a range of exclusive special baths in striking shapes to meet every requirement and taste. From duo bathtubs – seated baths for two people – to a practical 2-in-1 shower and bath solution. The latter model is an ideal choice for people with limited space in their bathroom.

  • For exceptional bathroom design
  • Special trapeze-shaped tubs make best possible use of space
  • 2-In-1 bathtub with an integrated shower area – ideal for guest bathrooms
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Loop & Friends from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Loop & Friends

Product feature

Duo bathtub

Whether together or alone – with a duo bathtub from Villeroy & Boch, you have everything you could possibly wish for. The waste outlets of the large tubs are centrally positioned on the floor surface to allow two people soak in comfort. The generous proportions are also ideal for tall people. These durable bathtubs are sealed with high-quality acrylic and Quaryl® for maximum comfort.

  • Available with acrylic and Quaryl® finishes
  • Modern design
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath together
  • The extended length is ideal for tall people
Quaryl from Villeroy & Boch


Quaryl® - Nature perfected.

Villeroy & Boch's exclusive Quaryl® material combines cutting-edge technology with elegant aesthetics. It is made from a carefully developed blend of quartz and sanitary acrylic. The material's great malleability opens up completely new design horizons for bathtubs and shower trays. The non-slip surface ensures a secure grip in the bath.

  • Sound-absorbing for a very relaxing bathing experience 
  • Smooth, non-porous and seamless design for easy cleaning
  • Excellent thermal insulation keeps water warmer longer
  • Very slip-resistant surface (TÜV-LGA-certified)
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Optional features

Colour range for Colour on Demand

Optional customisation

Colour on Demand – Fine forms. Strong colours.

Create your own colour bathtubs with Villeroy & Boch's Colour on Demand, turning your tub into a design highlight in the bathroom. Select freestanding Quaryl® and acrylic baths can be supplied in a wide variety of colours to suit every style.

  • Offered in the 15 shades of the colour concept developed by Gesa Hansen and inspired by the seasons in Paris
  • Also available with RAL, Pantone and Sikkens colours
  • High-quality acrylic and Quaryl® panel coating
  • High UV-resistance thanks to premium workmanship
Squaro Edge 12 from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Squaro Edge 12

Optional accessory

Integrated water supply

Villeroy & Boch bathtubs with integrated water supply combine water inlet and overflow in one unit. This creates a more streamlined design, allowing the tub to be filled directly from the waste outlet with no extra taps or fittings required.

  • An innovative highlight in modern bath design
  • The supply of water from the overflow makes the fitting technology almost invisible
  • Fast filling thanks to the high water rate in the overflow
  • The water is also enriched with oxygen to ensure a perfect flow
Optional grab handle on the rim

Optional accessory

Optional grab handle

Bath handles provide extra safety when getting into or stepping out of the tub.

  • High-quality, resistant bath handles made from brass with chrome
  • Bath grips provide assistance in the bathroom for people of all ages
  • Grab bars offer support when sitting down or standing up from a seated bath
  • Added safety in the bathroom

Technical information

Collection Oberon 2.0
Width 800 mm
Depth 460 mm
Length 1800 mm
Weight 103,8 kg
Product designation Bath

Duo. Litres incl. 1 pers: 205. Technical information: Whirlpool systems available on request., NEW: Whirlpool system Combipool Comfort (CC) also available.. Matching outlet and overflow is supplied as standard (chrome-plated and white).. For baths in the colour RW, the outlet/overflow fittings are supplied in Chrome & White.. If the water inlet is chosen in Black Matt (33) or Stone White (RW), the outlet cover is supplied in the same colour.. Diameter: 52 mm. incl. panel in Colour on Demand (Quaryl®)

Material Quaryl®
Form Wall-facing



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