Wellness - An experience for the senses.

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A quiet moment, relaxation and invigoration - wellness includes all of this. It provides a temporary escape from our daily routine, allowing our thoughts to wander and enabling us to feel good. If you notice that you need a short break, then take some time for yourself. You can do this by creating an atmosphere that invites you to let go and feel good. You already have the perfect place - your bathroom, which can be easily transformed into your own private wellness temple.

Squaro Edge 12, Ocean

Colour adds personality to a bathroom

Adding a yellow washbasin or a blue bath opens up a wohle range of options for a personal touch. Villeroy & Boch has adopted this trend - with a harmonious colour concept created by the designer
Gesa Hansen. Inspired by the seasons in Paris, 15 vibrant colours will give free rein to your creativity. From the fresh green of spring to a summery yellow, from autumnal pinks to a crisp wintry blue. Complemented by three elegant black and grey bathroom shades. Discover the colour collections with the Artis washbasins and the Squaro Edge 12, La Belle and Loop & Friends baths. More than 200 shades for baths provide you with even more choice - the perfect way to give your bathroom a homely feel. Which one suits you best?

Light and fragrances for a wellness atmosphere

Atmospheric lighting and attractive decor all help to give your bathroom a wonderfully pleasant ambience. You will find a warm light perfect for illuminating your wellness oasis. Those who don’t have a suitable lighting system in their bathroom can simply place a few candles here and there. They glow with a warm, subtle light that encourages your mind to wander. A hot, candlelit bath can be pure relaxation. Playing classical music or French chansons quietly in the background can also add to your perfect wellness moment and your thoughts can simply slip away. Scented bath products turn every bath into an experience, soothing both body and soul. Lavender or Valerian bath oils are great for relaxation, while orange oil gives your bathroom a fruity freshness and is good for dry skin - just like bath salts.

La Belle - Wellness
Lifetime, Futurion - Wellness

Create personal wellness moments

Those who prefer hot showers can vaporise essential oils or use incense sticks to discover spicy, sweet, exotic pleasure. Lemon oil is available as a pure essential oil, which smells great and has a stimulating effect. Sandalwood incense sticks can be used for a cosy evening and are great during the colder months. You can also set up a special scent vase in the bathroom, which can be left unattended unlike incense sticks and freshens the air in the room for longer periods of time.

Villeroy & Boch is happy to help you bring wellness moments into your home. The broad product range offers everything your bathroom needs and more. In addition to high-quality bathroom furniture with fine designs, Villeroy & Boch also offers smaller accessories for your dream bathroom. One example is the stylish lighted mirror with integrated premium sound system. Playing your favourite music via Bluetooth is simplicity itself. Or various indoor hot tubs, which can be integrated into many types of bath. You will also find a selection of accessories and bathroom textiles at Villeroy & Boch to make your personal wellness oasis even more beautiful. The goal is to provide inspiration and to offer solutions for your individual wellness world.

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