The clever outlet and overflow for premium baths

A smooth surface without an overflow hole adds the finishing touch to exclusive baths. We have elegantly integrated the overflow into the outlet so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful design to the full. The innovative ViFlow is concealed below the bath and reliably prevents water from overflowing. The hygiene aspect also speaks for our clever solution as the bath can be cleaned faster and more thoroughly without an overflow hole. Enjoy a pleasurable bathing experience complemented by stylish design with ViFlow.

ViFlow bath from Villeroy & Boch

ViFlow – reliable overflow protection

Open outlet valve
The water flows through the bath valve.

Closed outlet valve
As soon as you turn the valve cover, water builds up in the bath. The built-in overflow function continuously monitors the water level in the bath.

Once the water level reaches the maximum permitted height, the valve opens and the surplus water drains away. The bath, therefore, cannot overflow. When the water level drops to the minimum set height, the valve closes again. After taking a bath, simply press and turn the valve to open it and the water drains away.

The elegant design solution for the Antheus and Theano baths

Antheus reflects modern style classics. Fine materials and understated contours create a luxurious bathroom radiating grace and elegance. It is defined by a unique faceted effect that even gives the bath a sense of lightness. Be it the Antheus model with a polished stainless steel frame or the frameless Theano: standing freely in the room, they both resemble a cut diamond ring – with an immaculate interior thanks to the innovative ViFlow outlet.

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More comfort and safety with ViFlow 

• Clever outlet with an integrated overflow 

• Valve can be closed – simply press and turn 

• Bath is easy to clean thanks to the immaculately smooth surface 

• Outlet is easy to clean thanks to the removable valve cover 

• Elegant chrome outlet valve