Urinals from Villeroy & Boch

Practical and stylish

Add an elegant finishing touch to your bathroom with Villeroy & Boch's stylish and functional urinals. Our urinals impress with a significant reduction in water consumption in comparison with a classic toilet, making them very environmentally friendly and perfectly hygienic. A urinal is also a good choice for a washroom in large businesses or restaurants.

Find the perfect urinal for your dream bathroom in our extensive range.

Siphonic urinals

In Villeroy & Boch urinals, a vacuum in the siphon draws waste water into the drainage pipe.


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Urinals with lids

A lid on a urinal creates an attractive look. SoftClosing ensures very quiet and gentle closing of the lid.


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AquaZero urinals

Urinals with waterless siphon technology are designed specially for washrooms in highly-frequented areas - to meet strict hygiene requirements while saving costs.


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Hygienic and environmentally friendly - Villeroy & Boch’s innovative urinals.


ProDetect 2 - an app for urinal control

ProDetect 2 provides an optional Bluetooth interface for urinals. It allows you to detect faults using a PC or a smartphone app, which avoids the need to remove the urinal from the washroom for maintenance. It also comes with other features including a water-saving mode. Thanks to a sensor, the urinal flushes automatically after each use.



Villeroy & Boch's AntiBac is charged with silver ions proven to reduce proliferation of bacteria and germs by more than 99.9 per cent. This makes AntiBac an ideal choice for bathrooms with strict hygiene standards.


ViChange - installation made easy

ViChange is a perfect choice for public areas and impresses with its easy installation and maintenance as well as cost efficiency. The patented siphon cartridge can be replaced in just 30 seconds without removing the urinal and with no need for tools.


1 litre extractor for urinals

Villeroy & Boch is setting new standards for water economy with a redesigned extractor for its urinals. With water consumption of just 1 litre per flush, the urinals are considerably more economic and therefore environmentally friendlier in comparison with conventional extraction systems which use 2 to 3 litres of water per flush.

Why Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch: Ultimate innovation and quality.

Environmentally friendly

Despite being completely waterless, the innovative AquaZero technology for urinals offers a proven hygienic effect. Intelligent siphon technology ensures the area surrounding the urinal remains odour-free, allowing you to save a significant amount of water and protect the environment.

Complete solution

Our range has everything you need for your dream bathroom. From concealed installation systems to sanitary ceramics and accessories, Villeroy & Boch offers a full range of products to meet your individual needs.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about urinals here. If you can't find the answer to your question, then please use the contact form and direct your query straight to us or a local dealer.

Can all urinals be fitted with ProDetect 2?

The following Villeroy & Boch urinals can be combined with our ProDetect 2 technology:  Architectura (item no.: 557400, 558600, 558700), O.novo (item no.: 572700, 755700, 755701, 750700) and Subway (item no.: 751300, 751301).

My ProDetect 2 urinal won't stop flushing - what can I do?

There may be a fault with the solenoid valve. To resolve the error, proceed as follows:
Make sure that the connected water pipe is not opened until after the urinal control system has been running for at least 30 seconds.
Then check that the solenoid valve is connected to the control system. Check the cable connection and operation of the solenoid valve again.
Finally, make sure that the solenoid valve is integrated in the water circuit with the correct flow direction. This is marked on the valve housing.

My ProDetect 2 urinal is not flushing - what can I do?

There may have been a power cut or a fault in the power supply. Make sure the battery compartment/power supply unit is connected to the controller.
Check the connection between the power supply unit and the domestic power supply, the cable connection and battery status.

Otherwise, there could possibly be a fault in the water supply.
To check this, open the stop cock for the water supply pipe and make sure the solenoid valve is connected to the controller.
Then check the operation of the solenoid valve.

There is also the possibility that your time setting may be incorrect.
In order to flush, movement must have been detected (by fluid flowing away). The duration of movement detection is adjustable (minimum usage duration 3 to 9 seconds). Check the setting for the minimum usage duration.
For a period of approximately 30 seconds after a flush, the sensor operates at reduced sensitivity, in order to prevent false triggering by small amounts of residual flush water. During this period, the set minimum usage duration is also automatically increased by approximately 2 seconds.

If your flush system is in the wrong mode:
Make sure that hybrid mode is deactivated. If hybrid mode is activated, the system flushes only at stipulated fixed intervals.

ProDetect 2 has been installed but the urinal is not flushing after each use - what can I do?

It is possible that the flush system may be set to the wrong mode. To resolve the fault, make sure that hybrid or stadium mode is disabled. When hybrid mode or stadium mode is activated, the system flushes only at stipulated fixed intervals.

Is there a matching lid for each urinal or just for certain collections/items?

The following urinals can be supplied with a lid: Subway (art. no. 751301), Venticello (art. no. 5504R1) and O.novo (art. no. 755701).

How difficult is it to replace the ViChange siphon cartridge?

The siphon cartridge can be replaced very easily from above, without having to remove the urinal from the wall.

What does it mean if a urinal has a “concealed inlet”?

“Concealed inlet” means that the siphon is situated inside the ceramic and not visible from the outside. This ensures a streamlined look in the bathroom.

Care instructions

You can find practical tips on caring for your Villeroy & Boch urinal here.

Care of CeramicPlus

For regular care of CeramicPlus, we recommend a standard general-purpose cleaner and a kitchen sponge with a soft, non-scratch surface or a microfibre cloth. Avoid abrasive powder cleaners, as over time their use could reduce the water-repellent effect. You should also avoid any items that could potentially cause scratches on the surface.

General everyday care

Villeroy & Boch ceramic sanitaryware has a smooth, dense and virtually scratch-proof surface that is resistant to all common household acids and alkalis. Clean water and a damp cloth are often all you need for everyday care. Water marks, residual grease or soap can be removed easily using a bathroom cleaner or vinegar-based cleaning product. For a very environmentally friendly solution, you can use household vinegar or diluted vinegar essence to quickly remove limescale deposits.